Provisional Patent

Secure Your Invention with a Provisional Patent Application.

Establish Priority and Buy Time to Develop Your Invention with Temporary Patent Protection.

What is Provisional Patent ?

A provisional patent is a type of temporary patent application filed with a patent office to establish an early priority date for an invention. It provides a cost-effective way to secure the filing date while allowing inventors to further develop their invention or seek potential investors. A provisional patent establishes a one-year period during which inventors can refine their invention and file a non-provisional patent application.

Reasons for create Provisional Patent

Establishing Priority

Filing a provisional patent application establishes an early priority date for your invention. This date is crucial in determining the novelty and ownership of the invention, protecting your rights against future filings by others.

Extended Development Time

A provisional patent provides a one-year window to further develop your invention, conduct market research, secure funding, and refine your patent strategy. This additional time allows you to evaluate the commercial viability of your invention before committing to a full non-provisional patent application.

Cost-Effective Protection

Provisional patents offer a cost-effective way to secure intellectual property rights. The filing fees for provisional patents are typically lower than those for non-provisional patents, making them a more accessible option for inventors, startups, and small businesses with limited resources.

How to Start Provisional Patent ?

Evaluate Your Invention

Conduct a thorough evaluation of your invention to ensure it meets the criteria for patentability. Assess its novelty, usefulness, and potential commercial value. Document all relevant details, including design, functionality, and any unique features or improvements.

Conduct Prior Art Search

Perform a prior art search to determine if similar inventions already exist. This search helps assess the patentability of your invention and ensures that your provisional patent application is focused on novel aspects.

Draft the Provisional Patent Application

Work with a qualified patent attorney or agent to draft your provisional patent application. Include a detailed description of your invention, illustrations or diagrams, and any supporting data or examples. Your application should sufficiently disclose the invention to establish an effective filing date.

File the Provisional Patent Application

4.Submit your provisional patent application to the appropriate patent office, typically accompanied by the filing fees. Ensure that you follow the specific filing requirements and procedures outlined by the patent office to avoid any potential issues.

Frequently asked questions

No, a provisional patent application does not provide worldwide protection. It establishes priority rights in the country or region where it is filed. To seek international protection, you will need to file corresponding non-provisional patent applications in the desired countries or utilize the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) process.

While a provisional patent application establishes a priority date, it is advisable to avoid public disclosure before filing a non-provisional patent application. Publicly disclosing your invention before filing a non-provisional application could jeopardize your ability to obtain patent protection in some jurisdictions.

A provisional patent application provides a one-year grace period during which you can file a non-provisional patent application claiming the benefit of the provisional application’s filing date. If a non-provisional application is not filed within this period, the provisional application expires.

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Our team of Accountants has extensive knowledge and experience in intellectual property matters. We understand the intricacies of provisional patent applications and the patent process, ensuring accurate and reliable service.

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We work closely with inventors, startups, and small businesses to understand their unique inventions and business goals. Our collaborative approach allows us to provide personalized guidance and support throughout the provisional patent application process.

Strategic Guidance

We offer strategic guidance on patent protection strategies, including the decision to file a provisional patent application. Our team can collaborate with patent attorneys or agents to provide comprehensive advice and support in navigating the patent landscape.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand the financial considerations of inventors and small businesses. We offer cost-effective provisional patent services that align with your budget and provide value in securing your intellectual property rights.

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